September 26, 2016

The Changing Tech Landscape

In the second part of this three part series, we discuss learning how to code and the importance of creation in a digital world, one that has shifted our economy.

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In the second part of this three part series, we discuss learning how to code and the importance of creation in a digital world, one that has shifted our economy. 



So Victoria - let’s dive right in! Do you know how to code? Do you wish you had learned earlier?

Yes, I do know how to code, but I do also wish I had learned earlier! When I learned how to code, it really gave me confidence to bring my ideas to life. It showed me that I was able to be part of this digital world and to help to create it. I truly believe that we need to provide Canadians with opportunities to be part of this next phase of humanity and development of our digital economy. In order to do that, just like reading and writing, they need to have the opportunity or the choice to learn how to code and to program.

What do you think of the overall trend of younger people learning computer programming? Why do you think it’s gaining so much popularity?
I don’t think it’s a trend with younger people; what’s happening is just an entire shift in our economy - this is history in the making. I think that younger people are demanding coding and programming and wanting to be part of this because they have been exposed to it earlier. Millennials have grown up on digital media, they’ve grown up on mobiles and they’re digital natives. They want to be able to interface and create what they engage with all the time on their phones and on their desktops and iPads.

I think it’s also gaining more popularity through shows like Dragon’s Den and the Facebook movie (The Social Network), great news stories about the success of Shopify and Hootsuite. It really is becoming cool! But I think it’s more than that. It’s becoming a core competency and a key requirement for building a successful career and future in the 21st century. I’m very excited about that.

What do you know about Hatch Canada?
I know that Hatch Canada is helping to provide digital literacy programming and coding competency building programming to Canadians. I see that Hatch Canada is a young organization that has the opportunity to not only change the lives of millions of Canadians and empower them with the skills to create better futures for themselves and for Canada, but really driving impact globally. I find that very encouraging.

How does this relate what you do?
As I mentioned, one of my roles is to advocate for the conditions for entrepreneurial success and a culture and environment of entrepreneurship. Digital literacy skills is a core pillar of our economy and is definitely will be in the future.


We couldn’t agree more!


Do you agree that Digital Literacy is a core pillar of our economy? What role do you think today’s children could play in our economic history? We’d love to hear from you. 

Hatch offers more than just teaching code. At Hatch, your children will see a new world opened to them, and learn about different opportunities for their future. Learn more about camps, weekly classes and after-school programs. Sign-up today!


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