November 15, 2016

The Coach Behind the Coaches at Hatch Canada!

The coach behind the coaches at Hatch Canada!

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Dallis King is the Coordinator of Instructors and Training at Hatch Canada. She is in charge of coach recruitment along with training and support of the fantastic Hatch coaching team that works directly with your children.

Dallis started with Hatch in as a top-notch coach in 2015, but her intrapreneurial spirit and creativity saw that getting the right systems set up to train all the new coaches that were being hired was imperative to Hatch Canada’s growth. She started bringing in new ideas, and began her transition to more of a support coach, reworking the training for summer camp coaches.

Dallis’ background makes her a great fit for Hatch. After studying Artistic Computer Science and Creative Code for four years, she admits that her “unique background” made her unsure of whether she’d be able to find a job doing what she loved. Hatch Canada seemed too good to be true - “Hatch’s philosophy is totally in line with what I studied”, she beamed, “and teaching this to children is so rewarding.”

Dallis implemented scenario-based training for coaches, teaching them to react to challenges and opportunities that arise when working with children. Working together through different scenarios allows our coaches to present a consistent and amazing experience, regardless of who the coach or location is.

If you’re a parent who has questions about what your child is doing, the Hatch Canada coaches want to hear from you! “Our coaches are open about what kids are working on, and are very proud of how cool the projects are. It gets us excited to see how your child is enjoying the program, and we want parents to be part of that experience.” A great question to ask coaches is How did my child modify this program? Because kids will take a project and make it their own.

Dallis is based at the Toronto Hatch location but travels to the different Hatch locations across the GTA in order to meet and check in with head coaches and assistant coaches. It’s hard work and long hours, but her belief in the power of coding for kids keeps her motivated every day. “In school, kids learn science because it’s important to understand the world around them. Coding is the same. Children need to understand the technology around them.” It’s not only about learning to code, explains Dallis: “it makes me so happy - it’s amazing to watch. So many kids feel so much power when they can create things - whether it’s a game or a creative vision they have. I love seeing their faces light up. I also love creating new projects in the back end for Hatch so that our students have even more opportunity to create.”

To Dallis, the really cool thing about coding is that it can be what you want it to be.

“That’s the power of code!”


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