December 22, 2020

Try Hatch Coding this Holiday Break to Keep Your Child Entertained

Try Hatch Coding this holiday break to keep your child entertained.

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Wondering how you’ll fare at home with your kids for two weeks over the holiday break with more free time to fill this year? We can give you quiet moments that you can feel good about taking.

This 2020 holiday season will be different for most. Without the bustle of travel to and from parties and family gatherings, you might find yourself with more time to fill than you bargained for. Have no fear, we’ve got you covered.

Hatch Studio is a virtual education portal with a self-directed learning program that teaches kids how to read and write computer code. They can learn at their own pace and choose code projects from our 600+ project library based on their interests. We also have private weekly lessons where our certified coaches give personalized guidance to students for additional support in their learning.

Here’s how Hatch Coding can help give your kids some structured time trying something new and give you those little sanity breaks that you might need to get you through.

Schedule Coding into Your Child’s Day

Enjoy those lazy unscheduled mornings over the break, but knowing that kids can get restless and bored by the afternoon, have a plan to keep them busy. Have them log into Hatch Studio for an hour or two every afternoon and let them turn their ideas into code.

A few festive projects to have them try are Spinning Snowflake and Holiday Tree.

They Learn New Skills: You Get Guilt-Free Time for Yourself

It’s a win-win for you and your kids. They learn a new skill that likely will be a prerequisite for the jobs of the future - to have a basic understanding of computer coding - and you get some well-deserved downtime.

Coding can teach your child skills to support them for any career they decide to pursue when they’re older. Hatch Coding teaches more than coding skills, with communication, collaboration and problem-solving skills cultivated throughout our program.

Smiling Kid with Paint on his hands
Encourage Your Child’s Creativity Skills

Hatch Studio can teach your child real-world programming languages with creativity as their guide. Our software was built through a husband-wife partnership with an experienced teacher and a computer programmer. Peter (CEO, Hatch Coding) and Emmanuelle (Chairwoman of Hatch Coding) created Hatch Studio with the vision; “to let kids realize what is in their own imaginations.”

Here’s a project that your child can try once they’ve mastered the basic concepts of JavaScript that shows the potential of what they can create with their imagination: Ski-Free

A penguin downhill skiing
Give Your Child A Chance to Try Hatch Coding for Free

If you’re not sure whether coding would be a good fit for your child, have them try our beginner project “Hold A Ball” and if it sparks an interest, then sign up for Hatch Coding’s two-week free trial today. The trial can be cancelled at any time with no cancellation fees and no payment upfront.

We hope Hatch Coding can help to ignite a spark in your child to learn a new skill and want to wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday season!

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