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March 10, 2022

Week 18 and our new generative art course

Week 18 winners, a break for a couple of months, and what's coming up with hatch including a Spring 2022 generative art course.

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This past week we ran week 18 of our digital art contest series. We had 6 entrants and gave out $600 to the top 3 students.

We are going to take a two month break until May 2022 as we reimagine these weekly contests and create some new content to help you make even better art.

The winners this week:

1st place: Thomas, Art Link, ($300)

2nd place: Logan, Art Link, ($200)

3rd place: Adam, Art Link, ($100)

To find out what's so special about these projects, click the:

button multiple times below the art and see how the project changes.

Contest Info

We want to run these weekly contest prizes every week. We think it's really motivating for kids to have something to shoot for: Small weekly prizes are a great incentive to learn. And: We also want the prize money to go up. We would love to give out thousands of dollars every week. But we have to get more people entering to offer higher rewards.

What we're doing to that effect is to run a 10 week generative art course starting the week of April 4, 2022. We are going to teach students how to properly do generative art through an adventure quest.

We will put up new contest information after the launch of this.

We still have big plans for these contests. We think it's an excellent way to teach kids technical and creative skills. So...

Please invite your friends to start learning at Everything is free, other than getting 1:1 lessons with a Hatch certified coding coach to improve your coding skills.

Upcoming Contest Categories, the next few weeks

Weekly contests are on break until May 2022. Please check the "Contest Info" link on the Hatch Coding Nav bar for updates.

An Adventure Quest 10 week generative art course for Spring 2022

This is a 10 week, 10 project course:

You start at the beginning (week 1), you make a house for yourself (week 2) and then travel along a road (week 3) looking for adventure. You then find a map (week 4), which leads you to a river (week 5), a forest (week 6), and a pond where you look at yourself in the water (week 7, self portrait).

This brings you to the mountains (week 8) where you enter to find a creature (week 9) which is the last step before earning the treasure at the end of your adventure (Final project, week 10).

The Hatch Coding blog will have an entry describing this course in detail.

Final Thoughts

It's been really, really fun running these contests for 18 weeks. I've seen a lot of amazing art, and a lot of students learn a ton of technical and creative skills along the way. This is a really engaging way of learning real world coding. When we come back in May, we will be better and stronger than ever, with lots of improvements to make entering contests and doing well in contests even more awesome.

We're just getting started!

Peter, CEO, Hatch Coding


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