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November 4, 2021

Week 2 Winners

We are now in week 2 of our weekly digital art competitions. We had a solid set of entries, and Airplanes, Abstract Circles and Penguin Tim were the winners.

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This was week 2 for our weekly digital art competitions. We had 7 entrants and gave out $300 to the top 3 students:

1st place, Samantha: Art Link ($150)


2nd place, Hadia: Art Link ($100)

Abstract Circles

3rd place, Anvay: Art Link ($50) 

Penguin Tim

To find out what's so special about these projects, click the:

button multiple times from the explore link and see how the project changes.

We are going to do it again next week, and then the week after that, and every single week.

For the January 12, 2022 contest, there will be $7,000 in total prizes across two categories, Grades 4-8 and Grades 9-12. This originally was at a different date but it has been moved. Also, all entries will be valid for 4 weeks, so if you happen to enter in a week with lots of phenomenal projects and you don't win, you will still be eligible for a prize, or upgrades prizes for the following 3 weeks.

Hatch Coding is doing all of this because 2022 is going to be the year of earning while learning. Our goal is very simple: We want students today to become excellent and coding and creating, because the economy of the next 20 years will be much more fun to be a part of if you are one or both of these things.

Hatch Coding started in 2014 with the goal of delivering a better way to learn Computer Science. We believe that it's better to learn by doing, and to work on projects that are interesting to you. We think that these contests are an excellent way to catalyze the creative process and move students today towards a path that will give them lots of wins as they become young adults.

We also think that we will need to cultivate all the students who decide to learn with us. So we have a lot of things planned for the next 6 months, all designed to get more people through the door and learning how to code and create.

We're just getting started!


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